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Idleness is the root for evils. The donations and offerings makes human mind idle. The founders of ‘Mayile tour’ strongly believe this and thinks that anything given from one to another at free of cost worth for nothing. On the basis of this principle Mayile tour was initiated by two self motivated
youths as Pondicherry as the base by Nov 2008.

Mayile tour have an insight that we can change the fate of backward people by promoting their activities and providing business opportunities to them rather than giving money. So Mayile tour chose this tourism industry for serving humanity. In this short span Mayile tour took number of tourists to the undiscovered destinations and made them to get nice experiences. Mayile tour is eager to provide a
competitive service to the guests.

Mayile tour gives a considerable support to the rural tourism in and around Pondicherry. Being an expert in promoting the skills of local people Mayile tour becomes popular among the tourists as well as the natives. Their ethics brought them a strong reputation in the industry of tourism.

There are number of travel agents in south India, Mayile tour is the only concern having guides possess the exact knowledge about the history. Mayile tour attempts in social development activities. It makes awareness to protect the abandoned historical places like Cuddalore,Vengadampet etc.,
Mayile tour use to explore the abandoned areas and exposes the innate reality of unexplored regions.

While thinking about south India, remember Mayile tour.